Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home stretch

Six more weeks.

That is all that remains.

I got back two exams yesterday, with mixed results.

In my Finance exam, I lost the points I expected to lose, but lost barely anything else. Despite the low score on the test, it was good enough in comparison to ensure that I am solidly in the "B" range for now.

In my later exam, there were a few inconsistencies with what I wrote and what was read in review, so the grade was a bit lower than I expected - not low enough to cause major confusion, but still too low for my comfort level.

I still have a solid "B" in my capstone class and I'm moving towards an "A" in my MGS class so hopefully I can finish these last few items as quickly as possible. This item is more for myself, I think, to get it all clear.

March 23: MGS, I/S Org Analysis
March 30: MGS, Data Collection Exercise
April 8: Finance, Exam 3
April 13: MGS, Niche Market Analysis
April 13: Capstone, Final Exam
April 15: CIS, Paper
April 20: Capstone, Presentation
April 27: MGS Data Presentation
April 28: CIS, Final
April 29: Finance Final
April 30: Finance StockTrak Report

Graduation is May 9, now to be held in the Georgia Dome. On the bright side, I don't have to worry about dishing out tickets or sitting outside for four hours sweaty and drunk during commencement like someone else I know.

It doesn't seem so intimidating when I put the tasks in this manner, but in reality it seems very foreboding to me right now, especially combined with the sword of Damocles hanging over us all at work.

Hooray for pressure!

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CrankyCon said...

Looks like we're graduating a week apart.

And I'll probably be notably more sober this time.