Friday, January 08, 2010

funny pictures of cats with captions

Yes, it is cold enough here to make the statue at right. The wind-chill every day has been in the single-digits, and the temperature has not been above freezing, so the half-inch of snow which arrived yesterday is staying on the ground for now.
Almost all schools closed today, and most businesses were delayed or closed outright.
I've been at work all day, wondering again why everyone panics when just a couple flakes fall from the sky. It's humorous at first, but then you have to just shake your head in response to the insanity.

Naturally, everyone in Atlanta decided to PANIC and storm their stores for all the bread, milk, and water that could be carried, or plow into 30-car pileups just a few minutes after the snow starts falling.

Beyond that, in the first week of trying to lose weight, I have somehow managed to lose four pounds. I would like to think that exercise has contributed greatly to the weight loss so far, but in reality it has come from skipping both breakfast and lunch on 5 of the first 7 days of the year. However, I don't think the Karen Carpenter diet is really the way to go.
OTOH, binge eating at night does not help either, as I ate a ton while watching Texas fall last night to Alabama out in Pasadena.
In Texas' defense, though, they were without a quarterback for 90% of the game and still stayed in the game until three minutes were left.
I didn't lke Alabama when they won in 1992, and I don't like them now.
So when does Alabama play Boise State?

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