Monday, January 04, 2010

Boy, that sucked

Most of you will agree with me that 2009 was an awful, forgettable, lurching, sickening, mess of a year that needs to stay gone, forever.

However, it wouldn't be quite complete without a little bit of review and a little bit of looking forward.

This post is the review of 2009, of what I wrote about last year at about the same time.

1. No diet or weight resolutions. Well, that one proved easy. SO EASY THAT I GAINED TWENTY MORE FRIGGIN POUNDS!

2. Be more active, exercising at least once a week. Oops. This went out the window quickly, as the Spring term was an insane mess between school and work that I barely had any energy to walk into the house at night, let alone go back out to work out.

3. Graduate. Done in May. Yay!

4. Go to a blogger gathering. Well, I met up with several when I went in June, but I didn't go in December. Maybe this year I can see 100 fellow degenerates.

5. Give more to charity. To be determined, once I finish my taxes but I think it's a bit more.

6. Be a better writer. Boy, I was way off here - I stopped doing both of the Examiner columns I'd started in 2008, and posted here a helluva lot less - only about 120-130 posts instead of 300-350 in past years.

7. Clear $6000 in poker. Way off again, unless I take a zero off and change the first digit. Then again, I was withdrawing any small gains I made almost immediately to pay for household stuff so there was no way I was letting myself work up to the levels I'd wanted - and now I sit again at micro tables more for fun that for profit.


8. Donate 50% of poker winnings to breast cancer research/charities - Met this one easily, at least, though I wish the tally won could have been higher so that the amount given could have been higher.

9. One post or article per day - this went OK for about three months, then just fell apart after Spring Break and I didn't feel like pushing myself very much.

10. House clean and tidy - still struggling every day, and extending a job search all the way to October actually did not help very much - it seemed harder to maintain with more time than with less. We've probably averaged more time cleaning after we both started working than when I was the only one working.

You know, considering all the crap that went on in 2009 (multiple school changes, graduation, job searches, car wrecks, stresses inside the home, stresses outside the home, multiple downsizings at work, restructurings at work, and even more family illnesses) maybe I did OK with these goals.

But 2009 is gone and can STAY gone.


2010, make yourself at home, and some goals for this year will come tomorrow - both the ones that are still valid and the ones I've already managed to break.

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Mysteresc said...

I think most people will generally agree that 2009 was a year full of "suckitude". 2010 can't be any worse, right?