Saturday, January 09, 2010

Picks (before the games)

Trying to squeak this in, but here goes:

Jets-Bengals: Taking the Jets (+3.5) who could win outright if the Bengals don't shake off the rust from resting everyone last week, or revise the playbook past what has already been seen by the Jets in Week 17.

Eagles - Cowboys: Taking the Cowboys (-4) as I have no confidence in McNabb to deliver in Dallas, especially after getting trounced last week in Philly.

Ravens - Patriots: Picking Ravens (+3.5) and again I think they will win outright, as not having Welker is disastrous for New England; the Patriots have had too many "oops" moments to make me think they pull out a win against a tough Ravens defense.

Packers-Cardinals: Picking the Packers (-2) but this one could go either way, as both teams have been wildly inconsistent throughout the year. Mostly, if Bolden and other Cardinals still have lingering injury effects, then the Packers can pull out a road win.


Paul Zummo said...

Holy crap, the Francase Curse is held at bay. Not bad.

APOSEC72 said...

Almost nailed all 4...if it wasn't for those crazy Cardinals.