Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Giving in to the Dark Side

In this case, I was probably the last person I know to adopt the technology.

I am now on Twitter. You may commence with the mocking.

I signed up for multiple reasons.

  1. For traveling or events where I'm trying to find or talk to a bunch of other people, it'd be really convenient. It would have been useful in April, and will probably come in useful in Vegas in a few weeks.
  2. Since a bunch of folks are using Twitter for updting from the WSOP, I figured it would be good to add. With Tweetdeck, I can actually keep them all organized - and it works at work and at home.
  3. I'd thought I would use it to put out articles I would write for Examiner. However, this reason isn't valid anymore, as i decided to drop both columns last week. I wasn't really feeling the energy to get them going again. At this point writing about politics has become more depressing than anything else, and since I won't be in Vegas for the whole Series I didn't have much of a plan left for the games column. So, I ended them.

So, while reason #3 isn't valid anymore, reasons 1 and 2 are still OK, and I am on there as gaexaminer - I picked the handle thinking reason #3 would be the main focus of using it, but I don't feel like changing it.



CrankyCon said...

I haven't looked at my twitter account in three weeks, truth be told.

APOSEC72 said...

I can believe that, easily - it's really not too earth-shattering OMG!!!11!!1!ELEVENTY!! stuff that goes on.

HistoryGirl1977 said...

Nope, I don't have a twitter account... although E does. Oy.

CrankyCon said...

I think twitter would be less insufferable if there were people who didn't post every ten seconds. Seriously, what is it with the guys who tweet every thought that goes through their head? I wonder if their twitter account is somehow tied to the magnetic impulses in their brain.

J said...

Seriously Francine? Twitter? good grief ... I think I'm the only person without a social network page