Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another day, another blogger WSOP cash

First, Sprstoner took 3rd in a $2500 NL Hold Em donkament (Event 13) for a score of over 200,000.

Then, CK cashed in a $2500 Omaha 8/b and Stud 8/b scoopament (Event 25), coming in 39th for a $4500 payout.

Today, it's LJ/pvanharibo's turn, as she's been in or near the lead of the $1500 HORSE (Event 31) which is down to the last two tables. Coverage available here - though I'm sure someone is tweeting it all anyway, so go show some blogger love if you can. (Update: She went out 10th for about 19K. Damn fine job.)

Maybe this will be the year a whole bunch of us make some big coin in the WSOP - halfway though, we're holding up pretty well.

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