Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep Stack, Grand, or Bracelet Chase?

I'm starting to re-think my decision to play in the World Series, Event #51.

Not because of confidence, but more because some things have started to happen financially where I'm not sure taking a shot of a large buy-in tournament is necessarily a good idea - there are going to be some big rumblings financially in July and I am, to be honest, a bit worried about them. While we've been able to get by so far in an unemployment search, it still has not yielded anything at home, so I am becoming more concerned about other finances coming up very soon.

So, now I am not so sure about playing in the WSOP, unless I do manage to satellite into the event.

However, there are other, cheaper option, that I might consider, especially since other friends who will also be in Vegas (seriously, everyone I know picked this weekend to go) are playing those other events.

1) WSOP Event 51 (1500 NLHE) - The one I had been aiming to do, but I am not so sure about anymore since we could use 1500 on other things for the house and it would leave nothing else available to try to earn some at the cash tables. I'd be locked out of anything else, which would REALLY suck if I bombed out of the event.

2) Venetian Deep Stack, Saturday 6/27 (550 NLHE) - Everyone I know who has played this series loves it, and it would be much easier on the bankroll than dropping fifteen big bills.

3) Binion's Poker Classic (200 NLHE 6-Max Friday, 200 NLHE Saturday) I'd get to see old Downtown and Fremont St. area as I'd hoped to do, and check out some history. The events here are supposed to mirror the WSOP events to a degree, but have smaller fields than the previous two.

Plus, there are a whole bunch of other tournaments available here.

It's about diversification, and frankly I would prefer not to drop such a large amount for a small return, given how things are changing financially for the worse.

Don't be mad - but it might be better after all to exercise prudence instead of chasing a dream at the expense of other pressing priorities.

We'll see. Regardless, in three days I'll know better.


BWoP said...

If the money is going to be a distraction point, definitely play at the Venetian :-)

Have you thought about WSOP satellites?

APOSEC72 said...

I've started to - but if I did, I don't think I would try more than one or two - don't want to spend as much in satellites as I would on a direct buy in.

Then again, I might change my mind again while bowling Thursday night after finding y'all at the Hooker Bar.