Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The whole house has been feeling lousy all week. Alex has had a bad cough for about a week now, but on Sunday both kids and myself started feeling really, really bad.

Alex was actually diagnosed with "secondary pneumonia" at the doctor on Monday, and Sammie and I have been trying every medicine in the book to avoid deteriorating as well. Sammie's been trying Zycam and Delsym along with baby tylenol, which seems to be helping a bit.

Alex went to the doctor a week ago, and they didn't think his cough was a big concern. Guess they were a bit off, which is why I've been giving Sammie more types of medicine so she doesn't have the same end result. The Zycam especially seemed to help, and she didn't fight us too much on taking it which also helps, I'm sure.

I was taking Dayquil pills, Aleve, and Zycam before finally buckling under last night and downing Nyquil (in the original green death flavor).

Good news: I got to teach Alex that even medicine for adults is going to taste like crap.

Bad news: Normally I don't pass out from Nyquil, but last night was different. I had been very tired throughout the day (dozing off TWICE) so I completely passed out just after 8:00.

Yes, I was so out of it that I passed out while Adam Lambert was screeching on the television during American Idol.

At least I got a decent amount of sleep, even if it was somewhat restless.

Alex's pre-K graduation is tonight, which he is extremely excited about. After today, he'll stay at home for the rest of the week, then start summer care on Tuesday. Hopefully the time off will help him get back to 100%.

I feel a little better today, but my throat is still killing me. Some of the congestion is starting to clear out for Alex and myself and Sammie is coughing less, so hopefully by the weekend we'll all be getting back to normal health. Good thing we have time off so we can rest up.

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CrankyCon said...

When I came back from San Diego a few weeks back and was sick, I took the Q and MAN, did it knock me out.

Hope the kiddies feel better. I'm so looking forward to when Bernadette becomes a germ factory.