Monday, May 11, 2009

Over and Out

The grades are in for the Spring Semester. With everything else that has happened this term - the attempted carjack, Kim's foot injury and surgery, the kids having to change schools twice, two rounds of layoffs and a restructuring at work, trying to get Alex into St. Joseph's for school in the Fall, continuing work problems with Kim, potentially moving back to New York, and ending up at the hospital - I'm glad the term is over with.

MBA Capstone Class: B. Once I got back my second exam with an 87 I pretty much knew I had a B in the class. Considering how off-the-wall the teacher was, I'm fine with it.

MGS 8460, Consulting Practices: A minus. My online poker analysis shot me up from a B to an A-. Nicely done.

FI 8000, Valuation: B minus. I needed a 90 on the final to get to a B. I got an 80. Hence, a B minus, which means some trouble down the line with regards to reimbursements.

CS 8100, I/S Mgmt: B. I had a horrible mid-term where I completely whiffed on a big portion of the test thanks to basically answering the wrong question, but a phenomenal paper and final exam to bring the grade back to normal levels. Thank you, BofA, for supplying a lot of experience in making the paper phenomenal - and I mean that in the kindest way.

Overall GPA for the term was a bit low, at 3.1, but again considering all the other drama of the term, I will take an A minus, two B's, and a B minus.

Graduation pics and stories to be posted later tonight, probably while I am playing Riverchasers.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Settle for mediocrity! woot! haha Just kidding. It has to be hard to study and work a job and all the other things life throws at you. You should be proud of finishing and getting good grades. Congratz!