Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I always joke that being sick is great for my health because I get to drop a few pounds.

Well, hopefully it's true this time around.

I've had a bad sore throat and sinus congestion for about a week, and on Thursday we got a diagnosis of one of the kids for strep - which means, in all certainty, that is what I have had as well. Thankfully, this weekend didn't involve a long road trip - the furthest away we went was Ikea. Yesterday was spent at home not doing a damn thing, aside from reading, playing with kids, and playing terribly in Riverchasers, again.

One result of being sick, and being away from work, is a forced removal from coffee. I couldn't have any at the end of last week, and I never drink any while out of the office. I'm trying to continue the trend this week, since I drink so much during the day and all the sugar and caffeine has been bad for me - just ask my waistline.

Hopefully, I can be a bit healthier while also managing to avoid killing the first idiot that comes my way.

I still have my own doctor's appointment this afternoon - after trying to go all weekend with mucinex and Nyquil I need something a bit heavier to clear it all up.

Beyond that, I am taking the rest of the week off from poker. I played a little bit over the weekend, and I could tell that my mind wasn't really in it, so rather than toss away any money the rest of this week, I will probably stay away - that includes the remaining bloggerments of the BBT4. Perhaps a break will help me re-focus to win a decent package in a couple of weeks, because the last few times out I've played with no focus or concentration and it shows.

Besides, if I can get a little more healthy, then perhaps getting off my ass every so often might be a good thing. It'll take more than just abstaining from coffee to get back into decent shape.

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