Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Haven't been posting much, since I've been in the middle of Hell Week here. I wrote about what the first batch looked like, after which I got a break for a few days.

The second batch is actually getting close to do, and here's how it looks:

4/20: Capstone Presentation - we bombed, but so did 5 of the other 7 groups between last week and yesterday.

4/20: Portfolio Submission, Consulting - locked up an A-, at minimum.

4/22: Paper for CIS class in Wiki format. Five articles, which came to 13 pages double-spaced in Word. I wrote about the evolution of technical standards and development of I/T structure and requirements in the banking industry post-2000. No grade yet but it took a lot of work and I'm actually pretty proud of it.

4/22: FI 8000 Extra Credit Assignment: Unfortunately, I took so long with the item above that I complete forgot about this. I am hoping this does not come back to hurt me.

4/23: Capstone: Paper editing and rewrites, through GoToMeeting. I <3 technology.

4/25: Aim to spend whole day studying. Instead, drive to Brimingham for a wedding (reaching 110 mph going past Talladega without flipping into the wall), and get in about 3 hours of studying/index cards on the way back before meeting some Emory folks for dinner at Melton's.

Now, the fun part:

4/27, 8:05-9:00: Get chewed out at work, which is funny considering I almost QUIT on Friday.

Didn't see that one coming, huh?

I had a final interview on Friday for a worldwide consulting firm. However, I don't think I got the job, as if it had gone well I would have been offered it right there in all likelihood. It was through campus recruiting, and they were pretty much making up their minds immediately after the team interviewed the candidate. I got no offer.

So, I didn't quit. I am still working. As for the rest of the day:

4/27, 4:30-5:40: Consulting class, presentation
4/27, 5:45-6:30: CIS class, review
4/27, 6:35-7:14: Finance class, Review
4/27, 7:15-9:45: Capstone class, giant-ass paper submission

Yes, that's four class sessions in a row. What is this, high school? In reality, I didn't have a choice, if I wanted to show I was serious in each of these classes to hopefully push up my grades even by just a little bit.

Thankfully, only three items remain now.

4/29: Finance, StockTrax Trading Analysis Paper
4/29: CIS 8100 Final (only 35% of our grade)
4/30: FI 8000 Final (only 30% of the grade)

5/1: Drink.
5/3: Sober up.
5/3, 4:00 PM EST: Begin massive pwnage on Full Tilt for May for that $2,000 package.

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