Wednesday, April 08, 2009

One less stress

For the past few months, we have stressed and worried about where Alex would go to kindergarten next year. He's moving out of the day-care and pre-K realm, so the past few months have been fraught with worry about starting school.

In February, Alex's school changed to something closer to home, since we no longer lived or worked where his old day care was located. Both he and Sammie are now only half a mile away from my office, which makes it much easier on everyone. We don't have to spend an extra 90 minutes in the car going to Sandy Springs from Marietta/Kennesaw in rush hour traffic, and the kids can actually have more time to be kids.

We had been hoping to get Alex into the school affiliated with church. If that had failed, or if we had not been able to find some other religious or private place to send him, we were seriously considering home-schooling for a year until trying again next Spring. Even before I got married, or was even considering having kids, I was dead set against sending my kids to public schools for many political, personal, and philosophical reasons - a viewpoint which hasn't changed much over the past couple of decades, regardless of whether I lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Douglasville, Atlanta, Decatur, or Marietta. That sort of rant can take up another few pages, so I will stop there.

Thankfully, we got word on Saturday that Alex will indeed be starting at St. Joseph's in the fall, and hopefully he can spend the next nine years (K-8) there receiving a quality education. Even though it will cost more than the public school alternative (duh) it is the one thing that I was always taught as being of the utmost value while growing up.

Hopefully, he can have a better chance to succeed as well. Thankfully, it is our home parish so he is familiar with the church and the school already. It's now one less thing we have to worry about - and boy, was it a major thing we've worried about for the past several months.

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