Monday, February 16, 2009

Putting Off


Today, I have a lot of items to turn in for school.

In my 4:30 class, I have two projects to submit. One was due last week, but I was granted an extension. The other is due today. I just finished working on them a few minutes ago.

In my 7:15 class, I have a mid-term. Yes, already. Even though it's only mid-February, I am awash in mid-terms. That happens when your classes start just 11 days after Christmas.

I am planning on spending the rest of the afternoon (including my 4:30 class) studying for the test.

Now, why am I doing this today? What happened to the weekend?

Well, here goes.

Saturday was spent doing some cleaning, and then a very nice dinner at Pappadeaux's. We decided to go to Pappadeaux's (which does not take reservations) over taking a 5:00 or 5:30 reservation somewhere else. We figured we would have a wait (and we did, for 2:48) but we had a good table by the bar for some good cocktails and relaxing times before a good dinner of shrimp and crawfish fondue and lots of other good, delicious seafood.

(The kids got a good dinner too - they had pepperoni pizza. Win-win.)

So, I figured I would get my work done on Sunday afternoon after church. Kim took Alex out to see Hotel for Dogs, and I stayed home with Sammie because she was a bit fussy and cranky - traits which do not work well in public.

A few minutes after Kim and Alex left, Sammie snuggled up with me on the couch, for a snack and a story before she would take a nap. She has done this before - taken a nap on me while I study or write - so no reason to think this would be otherwise.

At least, no reason to think otherwise until 30 minutes later when I find myself also falling asleep. Sleeping babies will make you tired as well - which is probably good for forcing you to slow down and clear your mind a bit.

Apparently, we were both tired, as we both slept until Alex and Kim got home - almost two hours later. So, I ended up working late into the night (2 AM) and then some more from work.

Was it worth the tradeoff?

Yeah, I think so. Baby therapy is quite calming and relaxing.

Surprisingly, Kim did not rush for the camera to snap a ridiculously cute shot. Consider yourselves spared.

Now, let's hope I actually remember enough about Porter and VIRO frameworks tonight on my test.

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