Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Done, but not the way it was planned

I decided to try and work out somewhat today, probably after my class tonight. However, after this afternoon, I think I've already met the requirement for today.

For the first workout in the couch-to-5K plan I referenced last week, one should alternate 90 seconds of walking with 60 seconds of jogging, for 20 minutes (eight reps in all).

Let's see how well we measured up:

Five-minute warm-up walk.Park Car in M Deck on GSU Campus.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk to corner to cross street, Run across street as light changes to the Bookstore to exchange books, into the Student Center, and up to the desk to try and sell books from last term.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk out of Student Center after being able to sell back only 1 of 6 books. Run across street again.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk down Courtland St. to the other independent bookstore. Run to and across street when light at Edgewood begins to turn.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk out of bookstore when they offer crappy prices, back to garage. Run up stairs.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sDrop off books, get briefcase from car. Walk to stairs, run down stairs.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk a block, then curse self and slap self on forehead for forgetting the blue book for tonight’s test. Run back to garage, run up stairs, run back to car, get blue book.
Walk 90s/Jog 60sWalk away from car, with blue book, and walk down stairs. Run across Woodruff Park to avoid gathering hordes.
Five-minute cool-down walkWalk into Tin Drum Café, park on a stool, and wolf down shrimp pad thai as the one big meal for today.

Well, at least I did some working out and ate healthy, even if it wasn't what I planned. I think that's enough for today, though.

Test coming up tonight, last one before Spring Break. Hoping for the best.

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