Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hope! Change! A little less of it

I've finally decided to go on hiatus from writing over at Examiner. I haven't been writing very much, and given how little time I've really had for anything else lately, I needed to scale back a little bit.

Can't scale back school.

Can't scale back work.

Won't scale back kid and family time.

Have to sleep and eat.

That pretty much rules out time for anything, let alone writing 3-4 pieces a week per column for games and/or politics in addition to anything I throw up here.

I haven't really followed much on game news (including poker) and any political news over the past two months has been damn depressing, which probably accounts for why I've been so glum about it and why it seems like I'm only posting here and not there.

So, for the next two months, that's how it'll be. I'll be posting only on here; might be big stuff, might be little, you never know.

As for Examiner, it's on a break until May 9, when I graduate.

Hopefully, in May, I can pick it back up a bit, as I'll be getting about 20 hours a week of my life back. That should make it easier to really throw myself into it.

I hope.

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