Tuesday, February 24, 2009


On Saturday night, the family enjoyed a night out. The kids went to a sitter, while Kim and I went to St. Joseph's for a fundraiser they were having.

The school (where Alex will hopefully go come August) was having a fundraiser - a silent and live auction, which they were hoping would be the first of many annual events.

It was good to go, migle with other people, and get to know other flks without having to worry about the baby radar going off every few minutes.

The planning committee secured about 80 to 100 items for auction, ranging from one-hour chiropractic treatments to $200 towards tax services to three-day stays at a beachfront house, all either donated by other parishoners or by local businesses.

Most of the events were conducted in a silent auction, but about 15 of the events were auctioned off in a live auction. For this, one of our former priests at St. Joseph's, Fr. Ricardo Bailey, came out to emcee the auction of everything from classroom projects, to an autographed Matt Ryan jersey (which went for $1,500) to orthodontics treatment (which shockingly also went for $1,500). Apparently, football jersey = braces and retainer.

And no, I was not the winning bidder on either of those items. I don't have a place to hang up an autographed, boxed jersey, and I'm extremely thankful for now that both the kids have straight teeth.

If you've heard of him, it's because I've written about him before. Or, it's because you've heard him on the radio. Or on the Today show. lots of places have profiled "Fr. Crunk". He is now at Blessed Trinity HS in Roswell.

Anyway, I happened to snap the photo to the side of Fr. Bailey and our pastor, Fr. John Walsh. Yes, that is an itty-bitty Shih Tzu puppy Fr. Bailey is holding - one of the families in the parish had recently had a litter, and there were four of the dogs at the event. The family was giving one away to another family in the parish. The puppy is, I think, eight weeks old.

Yes, I know the picture is poor quality. I took it with my phone.

Kim got to hold the puppy too, but I did not snap the picture of that. I snapped the picture here instead.

Overall, it was a fun night. The kids enjoyed the sitter (and got to have fun away from parents for a minute) and we enjoyed the dinner (and got to have fun away from kids for a minute).

This was probably a good thing, as Sunday involved a trip to the circus (with a photodump to come very late tonight). More on that adventure later, assuming nothing crazy happens on the way home from class again tonight.

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lightning36 said...

Orthodoctics treatment for $1500????

Man, what a steal. I paid about $5200 for each kid who had braces. Actually, insurance paid almost 40%, but still ...