Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where have I been?

It's been a busy week.

Since last Sunday night, as a matter of fact, punctuated by Samantha Grace's screaming face at 7:12 AM Monday morning:

We checked into Northside Hspital at 5 AM, because, well, that's when they asked us to arrive to begin pre-op. Everything went fine during the delivery, though afterwards they did take her to the NICU for some testing on her respiratory and circulatory system through Monday night. Thankfully, everything was found to be quite OK, even though she hadn't been crying much. She is quite over that now, though, and is now crying plenty. Not too much, not too little, mostly only when hungry.

7 lbs., 10 oz. 19.5 in long, and a head full of BLACK hair. Again. Alex had a head full of black hair too, before it turned red and then blondish-brown. I'm not sure what color her hair will turn out to be.

After a few nights in the hospital getting to know each other, doing introductions, and generally looking cute and cuddly, we came home.
Odd observations so far:

-When sat up, she looks like a little Buddha baby.
-In coming up with nicknames, and gifts/clothes she got, we jokingly called her Sammy the lamb. Later, when she cried, we called her Sammy the Bull. She doesn't cry much...but when she does, she really means it.
-She's very wide-eyed when awake.
-She's learning very quickly. In one odd moment, when I was about to give her a bottle, she REACHED OUT AND GRABBED THE BOTTLE AND PUT IT IN HER MOUTH. They're lucky to do this at 3 months old, let alone 3 days old. Might have been lucky but, but who knows.
-Alex is enjoying the role of the big brother. Specifically, having a bigger room, bigger bed, and being able to do/get things for us and her. He's been amazingly well-behaved. Or, we're just successful at feeding his ego.

Posting willl continue to be light for the rest of this week. I'm still working on my group presentation for GSU along with getting used to no more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep.

We've uploaded pictures on Snapfish, because blogger sucks to load pictures.

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