Sunday, December 10, 2006

'Tis the season

Last year, I wasn't really feeling too full of Christmas cheer. Mostly, I was just tired of the commercial aspect of it all. You can only hear and see so many Walmart and mall ads before you just get tired of it all.

Thankfully, this season so far has been different. With Alex being a year older, and having a little sister, he's much more keen on what's going on around him. Namely, Christmas trees and Christmas music.

Since Samantha came home, he's been very eager to help out with everything - holding, feeding, getting things for all of us, even cleaning up more. Mostly, though, he's been spending a lot more time with me (compared to before) as we both go do things. The nice benefit of this, aside from more quality time, is that he feels like a really big boy in being able to go out and do more.

Yesterday was such an example. He "helped" me bring the Christmas tree home. Last week, he was very excited about the Christmas trees he started seeing at the hospital and at school. We have a small tree that he wanted to put up in his room, and we did that Thursday night. Yesterday, we got the tree, brought it home, and decorated it while everyone in the house slept.

He was very proud of his work.

Today, we started going through his room to clean out too-small clothes and decorate a little more. The radio was on, with Christmas tunes from the Fish. He liked it - a lot.

We haven't really talked about Santa very much. He does think it is to celebrate Jesus's birthday, and that's why there are so many parties going on. I'm perfectly OK with that line of thinking.

I guess having more little ones around kinda helps with being more celebratory this time of year. As long as it doesn't snow very much, I'm fine with it.

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