Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Ed

I was reminded again this week of how different things may have turned out this year.

We got Alex's report card this week, which went very well. We also met with his teachers, to determine his progress and to confirm that he was coming along nicely.

Earlier in the year, we were very worried about Alex getting into St. Joseph's, and had many discussions about what we would do if he was not admitted there. It still seems like yesterday - which means this year has gone by even faster than I thought!

I was completely against the notion of sending Alex to public school, given my past dealings with it and my political leanings. We were seriously leaning towards the option of homeschooling instead of going to the local public school.

Throughout February, March, and April, I began looking at more and more resources for a homeschooling curriculum - with my job situation tenuous (thanks to two rounds of downsizing and who knows how many more on the way) and Kim's status uncertain as well, it was something to strongly consider.

I gathered information about local events which catered to kids who were being home schooled, and searched for information about types of homeschooling curriculum online, in case we decided to go that route (or in case it became absolutely necessary).

One thing I was worried about was having any sort of support if we went that route - but even though we would be taking on this responsibility ourselves, we did find a lot of resources available if we did decide to go the homeschooling route, which was always good to know.

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