Thursday, March 25, 2010

Done Deal

I booked my ticket today.

I'll be playing in the WSOP Circuit event at Caesar's in April in one of the preliminary events.

After the last few months, I could use some quiet time/relaxation time/donkey-shredding time.

More to follow later.

The Vegas countdown is now underway....


lightning36 said...

I will be in Las Vegas April 14-21. I'm deciding whether or not to play a circuit event. You probably know that a deepstack series at the Venetian is going on in April also.

APOSEC72 said...

Actually, I did not - but last time I was in town, I did the Venetian Deep-Stack when I got shut out of the WSOP, so this time I'll go for the circuit event. Probably the Friday 4 PM Turbo (the 16th, I think) but plans have always been known to change.