Monday, December 21, 2009

Recalling the memories

On Saturday, we bid a fond farewell to our fifteen-year old station wagon.

We bought it in March 2007 from my wife's grandmother, who no longer needed it after turning 90. It only had 22,000 miles on it, and I needed a vehicle to commute to and from work and graduate school, so we went ahead and got it.

It had several problems at the time - a gas tank fissure, a coolant leak, and brakes that needed repair - but we hoped that it would suffice going to and from the office and school for a year or so.

While going through the accumulated items in the car Saturday, it was interesting to remember times throughout the years.

  • Papers and souvenirs from me desk after getting laid off from my job in the summer of 2007.
  • Potential employment with the Atlanta and Marietta Police Departments.
  • Quizzes and study guides for many different business school classes.
  • Paperwork for interviewing with Emerson, and my acceptance there (My Emerson interview was actually the first of three that day - I was hopping!)
  • My poker chip set, brought to many a poker game :)
  • Paperwork for the unemployment office for myself (in 2007-2008) and Kim (in 2008-2009)
  • Paperwork detailing my preparation for graduation in 2009.
  • Paperwork detailing the massive debt I would be taking on as a result of graduating in 2009.
  • A dog leash, from when our dog Maggie passed away.
  • Souvenirs from family trips - Amicalola Falls, Georgia Aquarium, Fernbank Museum, and the Atlanta History Center

We expected it to last slightly more than a year, and it ended up lasting almost three years. It actually did not die a natural death - even though it seemed to be constantly on the precipice. A couple of weeks ago, while in a parking lot, a SUV backed into our car's bumper, and damaged it and the rear quarter panel. Unfortunately, the value of the car was so low that it was totaled, and a check written (which showed up today).

Fortunately, it saved us from doing brake repairs, tire replacement, fixing a cracked radiator block, replacing a head gasket, an oil change, winterizing, body work to fixed a rusted hood, and annual emissions. We even got by on gas, as we brought it in on an almost-empty tank :)

So, now it is time to car shop again. We won't be getting another teenaged station wagon, but at least it did the job when we needed it.

Rest in peace.

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HistoryGirl1977 said...

RIP, Rusty. I enjoyed driving you the few times I had to borrow you :)