Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Transfer needed

I may need, in the next couple of days (and perhaps sooner), to do a PayPal for Full Tilt transfer.

The good news: I've been able to triple my meager bankroll into something where I can actually play a bit.

However, I'm needing to pull some off for unexpected items, and don't have the time to wait 2-3 weeks given that it is still pretty small potatoes - only about $100 for now.

Considering my balance a week ago was at $1.85, that's pretty impressive. It actually is now between 150 and 200, after the $50 Take 2 bonus and some decent sessions at cash tables. I'm looking to leave about $50 and take the rest out.

So, if you are looking to gain some Full Tilt $ in exchange for transferring via PayPal, I would appreciate it.

Hit me up in the comments, or at aposec72 AT gmail.

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