Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegas Photo Dump

Well, I decided to put up some of my images from Vegas instead of putting up the next part, mostly because I still haven't been able to get my pictures off my camera. I did get my phone pictures loaded, but not the camera pics yet.
So, here's a few that actually appear halfway decent.

Nice flop, huh?

Caesar's Palace fountains, while walking about and enjoying a cigar.

My setup at the Venetian - pics of kids, dinosaur card capper, and chips. I snapped the picture early in the first level after a full house in the river and turning a flush. Unfortunately, they were not as big as I had hoped the pots would be.

Fremont Stree Experience in the middle of the afternoon, I snapped the picture while on break from the Golden Nugget's HORSE tournament.

Alex gave me one of his dinosaurs to take with me to Vegas. I used it as a chip protector and card capper while at the tables. Cute, huh?

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