Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I had been planning a fun trip where the kids would get to see a whole bunch of the country for Christmas, and see some parts of the family that they had not yet met, for a somewhat relaxing vacation after an extremely turbulent 2008.

Well, apparently 2008 is not yet done screwing over everyone we know.

My sister (who I've written about before) was rushed to the hospital last night with some severe blood problems, possibly relating to the round of chemotherapy she been taking ever since being re-diagnosed as Stage 4 of IBC. I'm not sure if it's the chemo or the cancer, but one of the nasty little buggers put her in the hospital last night.

I am heading out as soon as I finish packing to New York, and I'm hoping to get there as quickly as possible because, well, I'm not really sure what will happen next.

Obviously, this site will be dark for the next couple of days, as I make a mad rush up north. Let's hope she gets a good Christmas present, and in the meantime say a little prayer for her as well as for my niece and nephew who I know must also be struggling a lot right now.

Let's hope the next post I write will have some better news.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Flying High

Holy crap. The Falcons are in the playoffs.

Now let's hope for locking up a #2 seed next week. Thanks to John Carney and swirling Meadowlands winds, it is now possible for the Falcons to clinch the division. A win next week against the Rams at the Georgia Dome, along with a loss by the Panthers to the Saints in New Orleans, would lokc it up along with a first-round bye.

It could happen.

And if it does, hopefully we can score some playoff tickets for January 10 or 11.

I don't think there should be any doubt that Mike Smith is Coach of the Year. Did anyone think this team would accomplish a damn thing last December when Petrino walked out? I sure didn't, I thought this would be a throwaway, wasted year with a rookie QB. I'm glad I was wrong.

Car conversations with mini-me, Part 845

Sometimes, punishment doesn't work out very well.

Friday night, on the way back from a little clothes shopping for winter, I'm trying to get the kids to stop yelling at each other about a toy. Sammie stops, but Alex keeps on acting wild.

I tell him if he doesn't stop, I'll take his music off and put on my music. We have some kids' music and Disney discs in the car, and that was what I was going to take off.

Well, he keeps acting wild and yelling, so I tell him I'm changing the music. I reach for what I think would be the most annoying music in the collection for a kid - which is my Metallica, Megadeth, and other similar music.

I flip in Rust in Peace and turn it to Tornado of Souls. Very fast, very loud, very good for driving really fast. I figure he won't like it.

He quiets down, and about a minute in, asks me to turn it...UP. He actually thought it was OK, and didn't want me to go back to the radio and poppy dance-y songs.

I did, though, turn it back to the kids' music, because he did stop yelling and acting crazy. It's funny, though, that he may like my music - at least, until he becomes a teenager and I become the dumbest person on the planet.

Next time, I'll use some sort of bubble gum pop music that is as bland as possible - though that might punish me more than anyone else.

Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls
by ziksoft

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More donktasticness

OK, maybe we won't be shutting down the poker client anytime soon, not with a year-end series now available on BoDog.

For me, I will probably be playing almost zero of these after the 23rd. I think it might be trouble for me to play poker and DRIVE THROUGH SNOW at the same time.

Looks fun, though, and with the overlays it makes for some easy targets. Buy-ins range from $10 to $150 and it gives you a good excuse to get away from people.

Hey, some of us have a bunch of $T to try to convert.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping up 2008

The end of the year can't arrive quickly enough. Jesus, this year sucked. Let's hope next year is better.

With the end of the year, it's fair to look back and see if I did what I hoped this year.

  • Cash in a WSOP Event. Nope - I bombed out of a Circuit event in Biloxi and didn't try any others. I did not try to do too many satellites to go to Vegas, thanks to beginning work here.
  • Win a large-field MTT (1000+). Nope, but I did win a 300-person field online and a couple bloggerments, and finished 7th in the donkey dime rebuy on Full Tilt of 3600 people. No win, though. Close, but no cigar.
  • Finish the drill - graduate. Didn't happen, but only because I began full-time work. I'll still finish this academic year and I'll walk in May.
  • Find a job in IT and/or management. Done, as I deal a lot in process management and write enough code in this new job to qualify.
  • Study harder. Marginal improvement - I probably worked harder in the Spring and Fall terms than I did during my undergraduate days, and it had a positive effect on my grades. Go figure - more studying leads to better grades. It's not a 4.0, but I'll take semesters where I average a 3.4 every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • Quality family time. Easy win, and I'm not just saying that because my daughter likes to snuggle while watching football. There were lots of fun times. Easy win.
  • Volunteer more. I did do some more volunteering and church work, mostly with Knights of Columbus, than I've been able to do recently, and I've given a bit of time to service fraternity stuff (though not too much - no 12-hour conference drives for me anymore!)
  • Travel more, and ENJOY it more. Biloxi was a trip from hell. New York was one of the best trips we've ever taken. We went to the Georgia mountains several times, and we went to New Orleans. I've got one more trip coming up with the kids soon, and I think they're going to enjoy it despite the long hours. It'll be one hell of a trip, and I'll probably do some photo dumps on the road just so we can keep the camera fresh.

OK, going by this, the year wasn't that bad. But a host of other things - Maggie passing away, Kim's grandmother passing away, cancer hitting several people in our family, more unemployment woes - have made this year pretty rough.

Here's hoping for a better 2009.


Well, the BoDonkey wrapped up last night with the tournament of champions. 14 entrants and the top 5 paid out in prizes ranging up to $T2000 + $100 in the Bodog casino.

The roll call:

$mokkee bubbled after a crazy final table that saw no action for an hour, and then turned into a pushfest. I went from 18000 chips to 900 chips (JJ cracked by 22) to 19000 chips to 12000 chips over the course of the bubble.

It took three and a half hours to eliminate nine people. With starting stacks of 250 BB and 20-minute levels, it's not that surprising. We started at 9:05 PM and ended at 1:50 AM.

The winners:

5th Place ($50) - Waffles when his short-stacked 10-8 was pushed into StB's A-Q, which became a rivered boat.

4th Place ($100) - StB (Beer City Poker) - I missed the bust because I was typing this up. Oops. The bust gave TonySoprano a huge chip lead, though - 45K to 11K for the other two players.

3rd Place ($250) - Me. Yes, me. I raised my K-J, got pushed back, and called off the rest of my meager stack only to run into aces. Oops. And STFU.

2nd Place ($500) - Wilwonka. Even after running over me with aces, he was still down 2:1 in chips. Knocked out when his A-K was outrun by A-8 which flopped two pair and turned a boat.

1st Place ($2000 + $100) - TonySoprano (Chad) - Hopefully the link still works in the morning for his fifth/sixth/fourteenth blog. After winning 30K the last couple weeks on Full Tilt, he comes over to BoDog and picks up another couple grand. That's hot.

This probably makes most of you happy who bet on him at 10:1 to take it down. From what I hear, it's a whole lot of you. I'm happy for winning the last-longer side bets.

Well done to all - and I'm looking forward to doing it all again sometime.

That wraps up bloggerments for me for the year.

Peace out, bitches.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

No need to relocate

Well, at least all of the cities listed are cities I'm generally OK with spending an extended amount of time.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Miami

65% Austin

60% Atlanta

60% Las Vegas

55% Denver

Tag: if you're reading it, you're tagged.

Besides, it snows in Vegas now. Global warming and all, of course. H/t Pokerati.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Torture by Xanadu

I love having satellite TV. I love being able to watch a whole bunch of different shows, and I am glad that we have a DVR unit to record anything, anytime, on any channel.

I also like the fact that XM channels are carried through the satellite signal. It comes in handy some night when the kids are sleeping in our room - they normally have music playing in their room, and when they sleep with us in our room, we normally turn it on a channel then as well.

Thankfully, they seem to have decent taste - jazz or blues music has been their favorites.

I was flipping through the music channels yesterday, trying to find some stations with Christmas music - normally they add a couple during the season. Instead, I found an absolute monstrosity that must have been conceived with a lot of drugs.

An ABBA channel.

Thankfully, it is only for a limited time - but if you're looking to torture that special someone, behold! Get out your roller skates!

Vicious bastards.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last chances

Tonight: The last regular BoDonkey tournament.

Tomorrow night: A last chance tournament for the donkeys who played at least three times in the Bodog Blogger Tournament series, but aren't high enough on the leaderboard to automatically qualify.

Thursday night: The BoDonkey TOC, with a first prize of $2000 on the line.

I'm 6th on the leaderboard, so I think I've already clinched a spot on Thursday night, but I will be slinging chips tonight anyway.

See you there.

UPDATE: 45 minutes before the starting gun, we have 25 players. Let's see a few more...

UPDATE (Wed.): I finished in 7th in the tourney, and 6th overall in the series. The top 11 made it, and the last three got in through the Last Chance tourney tonight. 14 of us suit up tomorrow night at 9:05 PM, so I'll probably be logging in around 9:04:57.

Best Burn

Last night, while indulging my inner insomniac and donking around on the computer, E! was on the tube.

Normally, I don't watch it, but I was in the mood for mindless stuff and, well, E! fits that bill very well. It happened to be showing "The 40 Worst Celebrity Breakups" and, since I like a good train wreck, I kept the tv on the show.

Surprisingly, this breakup wasn't anywhere near the top, but I still think it's the best revenge piece done in recent memory - completely decimate your ex while launching your own career into the stratosphere.

Any thoughts? Anything else that might be better?

Of course, this was after Donovan McNabb clinched a spot for me in my fantasy football league finals. Gotta have priorities.

(Hey, I'm trying to interject something different than politics and poker. Sue me.)

Profile: Steven Chu, Department of Energy Nominee

A brief profile of Barack Obama's choice to head the Energy Department and what we can hope to expect in the future from his past work and current positions

read more digg story

Originally published on my Examiner site.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Defrosted

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Defrosted

I remember being in New Orleans in 2006 when Ray Nagin somehow managed to get re-elected mayor of New Orleans despite his bumbling idiocy in that office.

I was pretty despondent that there would ever be any decent politician sent forth from the state.

Well, we've got Bobby Jindal now in charge in Louisiana, and William Jefferson is out of Congress. Perhaps there is hope yet.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy endings

1) We finally got through to the insurance agency for the driver who played pinball Saturday night. Her company has accepted liability so now it's just a matter of picking a shop and getting the bumper fixed. The appraisal has already been done, all claim numbers entered, so this may wrap up a lot quicker than I envisioned.

Ironically, while we are moving fast in that regard, the police report is still not ready. Tomorrow, it will probably be ready.

2) I've gotten back two grades so far, an A- and a B+. I got the B+ because, in all honesty, I wasn't focusing really well on what I was writing in my IS Security classbecause I was focusing too much on my Web Application class, and I deservedly got punished for it, turning an A or an A- into a B+. The Marketing class ended well, and an A- is quite tolerable. No end yet for the Web Application class; I am hoping the grade is available by next week.

Even if it's a C+ or a B-, I am just glad the course is over with. If I'm punished for not being able to accomplish something that no one else in the class was able to accomplish, then so be it. In about ten hours, I will be able to just focus on next semester. The grade could be anywhere from a C to an A-, but really, I just want to move on to next term.

As for you degenerate bloggers in Vegas this weekend, have a round or two for me. Just make sure I'm not left out of the Dial-a-shot fun : )

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Georgia Nonprofit Fair 2009

Courtesy of Opportunity Knocks, one of the nonprofit sites I subscribe to. I don't have much else to post at the moment. I'm sure that'll change soon.


Early Bird Rate for Nonprofit Summit Ends Friday!
May 11 - 12, 2009, AmericasMart, Atlanta, Georgia

During this holiday season, we are reminded of the importance of gathering together to share stories and friendship and lean on each other. Now, more than ever, is the time for nonprofits to do the same on a professional level and we invite you to join us at the Summit to do so!

You have 2 days left to register at the early bird rate and take advantage of a significantly lower cost to attend the 18th Annual Nonprofit Summit! Many of us have our fiscal year coming to an end, and with that our budgets become "use it or lose it." Invest in networking, education and practical knowledge of how to navigate in our uncertain economic times.

This year we have added even more offerings to make this the ultimate event of the year for nonprofits. Go no further - this is one-stop-shopping!

  • Network with the leaders in nonprofits and develop partnerships and collaborations.
  • Learn from the experts at the 20+ workshops focused on marketing, fundraising, technology, leadership and innovation.
  • Schedule a one-on-one, 30-minute meeting with a consultant.
  • Join key funders at a morning roundtable.
  • Take advantage of our exhibit hall featuring the latest trends and resources in nonprofits.
  • Get inspired at the two keynote sessions.
  • Leave with the knowledge and enthusiasm to accomplish your mission!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Why the auto bailout should fail

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Why the auto bailout should fail

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Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Conservatives tackle social media

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Conservatives tackle social media

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Atlanta Video Games Examiner: Games are one of the few bright spots this season

Atlanta Video Games Examiner: Games are one of the few bright spots this season

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Karma says go to bed

It was a pretty good day up until 6:00 yesterday.

I went to a meetup last night, and it was going pretty well for a few hours - watch some football, play a few levels, yada yada yada.

Then, a knock at the door.

And we get to go crazy.

Apparently, a car came around the bend and plowed into a car which belonged to one of us. Nailed dead-center, no brakes used, no sound until the collision. We didn't hear anything, but a neighbor saw it from the top of the hill and saw the car, with an apparently drunk woman, back up and turn off her lights, then sneak away. Couldn't get a description due to the distance, but apparently she got out, stared at it for a minute, then got back in her car and stole away like a coward.


At 6:00 PM.

No shit?

No shit.

That car was hit so hard that the trunk was punched in and it was pushed forward a couple of feet....into my truck.

So, we called out the cops, did the reports, called the insurance companies, and all the other fun stuff associated with STUPID FUCKING DRUNK DRIVERS DOING FORTY IN A SUBDIVISION PLOWING DOWN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

Our truck has some damage. Back bumper is bent up, but nothing was punched in. The truck stopped about six inches short of hitting the next car in front. It's driveable, and there are no leaks. It just has some added character.

Besides, it's a Ford. The bumper's supposed to be bent, dented, or falling off.

The cops (all four police cars) scoured the neighborhood for the car - as there was no way to exit without going back past us. It was found today in the subdivision as it belonged to another house. I guess it's hard to hide a SUV when you've spent the night HITTING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO GODDAMN DRUNK.

I'm hoping the other car's OK, because it was a pretty sweet Nissan 240X. The truck should be OK. I'm glad there's no worry about deductibles since we now know the little **** that decided to play pinball with her car. Hopefully, the other vehicle isn't totaled.

Nah, I'm not ticked. But the police now know who it is, and the insurance company will know in the morning. A small victory for justice, I hope.

After all that, I wasn't even that down upon hearing Florida won. Meh. They finished up while we were out chatting with fuzz. So did USC, so UT's hopes came down to Missouri, which barely showed up.

After everything was all said and done, I went to watch more football and play around. And I paid for it dearly - starting with Aces cracked by 7's when a runner-runner straight hit. I eventually decided to turn in and decide that the rest of this day - nah, this weekend - would be best spent not doing a goddamn thing. No computer, no chatting, no phone, until about an hour ago.

I spent the rest of last night and most of today snuggling with babies, drawing dinosaurs, and watching football while refusing to move off the couch. A good choice, if I don't say so myself.

Thank God there was no homework to do this weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to seeing this bitch in court.

At least I'm not too upset.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Atlanta Games Examiner: Becoming a level 68...mouse?

Atlanta Games Examiner: Becoming a level 68...mouse?

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Dolphin Fun

You know, if we weren't planning on other trips, this would be one hell of a bargain.

It has to be booked by Christmas and the stay has to be done by February 28. $250 off 3-6 nights, and $500 off 7+ nights.

For MLK weekend, it would come in at $650 for three nights after the rebate for a terrace view.

I didn't check flights, but Airtran would probably work. It sounds interesting.


Not gonna happen for us, but still...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Walking back on a windfall tax

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Walking back on a windfall tax

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New Math

Written: 20 earned of 20 possible.
Programming: 21 earned of 22.5 possible.
Participation: 12 earned of 15 possible.
Group Project: Cannot be less than 14 earned of 20 possible.

I have two programming assignments that can be done as written assignments, which would realistically get about 13 out of 15 points.

For this class, B is 80-83.

My total is 80 points out of 92.5, with one remaining programming assignment to go.

The one which I've been wrestling with for months, and can't make work because I can't develop a login script or new user script to be used in my ASP.NET forms.

But, I think I already have enough points for a B. At least a B- most certainly.

It's not worth the stress. Not with two grades of at least A- (and maybe A) already in the bag.

Perhaps I should just say...FUCK IT.

What do you think?

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Profile: Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary Nominee

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Profile: Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary Nominee

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Prop bet time!

There are poker prop bets up on BoDog regarding which of us donkeys will prevail in the BoDog Blogger Tournament.

Right now, I sit on the leaderboard in 4th place, after being in the lead for the first few weeks. That's what happens when you miss two and donk out in two others early (16th yesterday, and 26th last week)

Here's all the props - and yes, I'm featured in a couple, and yes, I will probably take those bets. And yes, you action junkies are probably going to have some fun on this.

Which blogger will have more points on the "Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series" leaderboard at the end of all 15 qualifying events?

smokkee (23/20)
salex77 (5/4)
CarnePicante (3/2)

Will the chip leader going into heads-up play (final 2) win the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

Yes (-500)
No (+200)

What will be the final winning hand of the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

Royal Flush (1250/1)
Straight Flush (800/1)
Four of a Kind (150/1)
Full House (15/1)
Flush (10/1)
Straight (8/1)
Three of a Kind (5/1)
Two Pairs (3/2)
One Pair (2/3)
High Card (9/4)

Which of these online poker bloggers will win the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

smokkee (73/10)
CarnePicante (8/1)
APOSEC72 (8/1)
salex77 (73/10)
23skidoo (10/1)
MiamiDon (8/1)
wilwonka (9/1)
Newinnov (10/1)
PokahDave (73/10)
cbags (9/1)
TonySoprano (10/1)
BuddyDank (31/2)
FishEaster2000 (Waffles) (73/10)
Field (Any other player) (4/1)

Which blogger will last longer in the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

smokkee (-125)
CarnePicante (-115)

Which blogger will last longer in the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

salex77 (-120)
APOSEC72 (-120)

What will be the river card in the final hand of the "Online Poker Blogger Final" to be hosted in the Bodog Poker room on December 18th, 2008 at 9:05pm ET?

Heart (23/10)
Spade (23/10)
Diamond (23/10)
Club (23/10)

I'm out for tomorrow night's action, so you have a chance to make up more ground on me.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: The end of the line in Georgia

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: The end of the line in Georgia

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I can has cheesecakae?

It's much cuter with people.

The irony is, once we brought over the cheesecake, Sammie didn't want any of it.

Monday, December 01, 2008

What to do when the orgy ends

Black Friday has become an orgy of consumption and consumerism at it's best or worst, depending on your point of view, and this year was no different.

Once again, there were mobs at stores like WalMart (and by the way, why does this crap always happen at a Walmart?) including one person getting trampled and killed. I swear, we hear stuff like this every year. Is a HDTV at a low price really that important?

We actually did head out this year, and it was a bit fun for us. We actually made it a bit of an adventure for the kids. We made sure they got to sleep early so that waking up at 4:30 wouldn't be absolutely innsane. We got to the mall at 5, when it opened, and while it was a bit crowded it wasn't the bedlam reported in other areas. It was also Kim's birthday, so that added another element of fun.

We stopped at a couple of stores and enjoyed Waffle House when we finished, around 8:15. Overall, everyone handled it pretty well, and everyone enjoyed heading home after Waffle House to go back to sleep. The kids especially enjoyed it, thanks to an early present for each of them we got at the Disney store. They each got a little suitcase, with a blanket and pillow and flashlight - it's a camping and travel set, kid size.

So, at 9:30 AM, we all went back to sleep. It was a relatively easy time. Thankfully, no mobs. It wasn't chaos, or bedlam, or violent. It was almost cheery, in a bizarre way.

Anyway, now that reports are in of spending being up 3% from last year, you are probably reading this while completely broke. Well, here's an interesting link - it's a bit funny, I'm not sure how I found the link (I think it was through another poker site) but it's called Poverty Party.

Enjoy your reading on this Monday - where, allegedly, snow is falling in Georgia on this first day of December.

Of course, if you still have any money left, you're probably shopping online instead of reading this today.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

BoDonkey Winding Down

You don't have many chances left to get in, but one deep run can get you up on Nadia's leaderboard.

$mokkee took my lead, so I guess I might be playing Tuesday if I get a chance.

Play The Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series!

Join poker bloggers from around the globe to play in the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series this Tuesday December 2nd and Thursday December 4th at 9:05 PM ET.

This tournament series is comprised of 15 qualifying tournaments that run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the final qualifier taking place on Tuesday, December 16th, 2008. At the completion of these 15 qualifying tournaments, the total points of each player will determine who will move on to the Final Tournament of Champions (TOC). Players within the top 15% of all participants on the tournament leaderboard will then receive an invitation via email to participate in the TOC on December 18th, 2008.

There is also a Last Chance Tournament to make it into the final TOC for those players that join the series late or can't make it to play all the qualifier tournaments! All that is required to play in the Last Chance tournament is that you play in 3 or more qualifying tournaments. Those players will receive an invitation to play in the Last Chance Tournament on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 and the top 3 finishers of this tournament will win a seat to play in the final TOC!

Qualifying Tournaments Prizes

Buy-in: $10 + $1
Prize Pool is distributed as per Bodog's standard multi-table payout table.
1st place: T$109 + $25 Casino Credit ($100K Guaranteed Buy-in)
2nd place: T$75
3rd place: T$50
3 bubble players: T$11 (entry refunded)

TOC Final Tournament Prizes

Entry: Free for the Top 15% on the TLB and the top 3 Last Chance Tournament finishers.
Grand Prize: T$2,000 + $100 casino credit
2nd place: T$500
3rd place: T$250
4th place: T$100
5th place: T$50
Note: You must have a poker blog to play in the TOC

Tournament recaps and details are available at the official tournament series site at http://www.bodogbloggertournament.com

The blogger series leaderboard is available at http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/leader-board.jsp

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for this series at http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/

Good luck and may the best poker blogger take this series down!

The Bodog Poker Blogger
Yahoo ID: bodogdirectory

Tune into Buddy Dank Radio for live tournament recaps and updates while you play at buddydankradio.com

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Decoration

The season is upon us - as soon as classes end, we'll probably put up our tree too.

By the way, I let Alex put up the picture. I'm sitting here coding, and let him try to do a post. Yay for tiny coding!

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Friday, November 28, 2008

Even Better Thanksgiving Video

Because the kids will love it.

Happy Thanksgiving. Was it funnier than the Charlie Brown video?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy it with a classic from Charlie Brown.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Re-posting from Railbirds - one of you might find this fun.

Do you want to assist Railbirds in taking over the world? We are looking for skilled professionals and amateurs to help us develop the site, make it look better, and extend it to other languages than English as well. All applications are equally welcome - Railbirds is going to be the BEST site for any poker content, the BIGGEST poker community in the world, and a place where EVERYBODY wants to be!

Programmers needed
We need programmers to fix bugs and to code new features for us. The site is in dire need of new tech staff, and if you have what it takes, don't hesitate to apply! Full-time positions available, as well as on-demand positions.

You need to be skilled at object-oriented php5, MVC, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, caching and htaccess rewriting.

Ideally, you'll also have knowledge of some framework, complex databases, Linux, Subversion, Samba, and (S)FTP, but these skills are not necessarily required.

Send an email to railbirdjoe@gmail.com with your Railbirds user name if you want to apply or if you have any questions. Include a description of yourself, and your CV detailing your experience and skills.

Graphic artists needed
If you are a skilled graphic artist, this is for you. We need experts to create new images for every new feature, promotion, graphic update, etc. that we make here on Railbirds.

You need to be able to work quickly, and to deliver easily changable graphics in multiple formats. Choice of tools is up to you. We need designers to create designs for new features and parts of the site, as well as promotional artists to make promo images, icon sets, and many other things for us.

Knowledge of CSS and XHTML is a big merit.

Send an email to railbirdjoe@gmail.com with your Railbirds user name if you want to apply or if you have any questions. Include several samples of your work, a description of yourself, and your CV detailing your experience and skills.

Beta testers needed
Are you good at spotting errors? Do you enjoy blaming tech for obvious mistakes? Is your activity on Railbirds enough to qualify you for Railoholics Anonymous? If you are, we want you to beta test for us!

Beta testers get access to all new features earlier than everybody else. They get to play around with the site - and they get lots of influence over the look and feel of new additions.

Send an email to railbirdjoe@gmail.com with your Railbirds user name if you want to apply or if you have any questions. Include a short text on why you think you would be a good beta tester. No novels please.

Translators needed
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous Français? Czy mówisz po polsku? Railbirds is going multi-lingual!

Yes, that's right. Finally, those of you who don't have English as your first or preferred language will be able to access Railbirds in your native tongue. The site will need translation of menus, instructional texts, the FAQ, and everything else.

Send an email to railbirdjoe@gmail.com with your Railbirds user name if you want to apply or if you have any questions. Include a short description of your language skills and how you would be able to participate.

Foreign language prorails needed
With new languages coming, we need people to moderate them as well. Are you a good pick? Do you log in on Railbirds a lot? Is being a prorail one of your biggest dreams?

Fluency in English and at least one other language required. Communicational skills are a must, and previous moderating experience is a welcome merit.

Send an email to railbirdjoe@gmail.com with your Railbirds user name if you want to apply or if you have any questions. Include a description of your past experiences as a moderator and a short text describing yourself.

Questions? Want to apply?
If you have any questions regarding this or would like to apply, please contact RailJoe at railbirdjoe@gmail.com! I would prefer to discuss things over email, not over PM, and I would be grateful if you'd oblige me in this.

I have HUGE plans for 2009 - they're absolutely 100 % magnificent! I have plans for ranking, for loads of freerolls and guaranteed tournaments, many promotions, an enormous amount of new features, and of course some long-awaited bug fixes. And much more!

Join the Railbird army today!


Maybe stocking up on non-perishables and ammo might be a bit more necessary than you thought, once hyper-inflation hits.

U.S. Prepared to Lend up to 7.4 Trillion Dollars

AFAIK, only two ways to pay for it:

1. Massive injection of capital, lots of newly printed money, and resulting inflation that would make Jimmy Carter blush.
2. Higher taxes or some other grab of nontaxed revenue - like, say, a 401(k).

This is not going to end well.

Anyone have a gulch they would like to use?

H/t Ace.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm taking the weekend off from any writing whatsoever. Hopefully on MOnday I'll feel recharged, or at least relieved if I'm able to finally crank out some assignments for my Thursday class.


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Way Behind

I have 3,571 unread items in my reader aggregator, and 135 unread recent items in my e-mail.

I haven't done too many original posts over on the Examiner lately.

I've actually been working from home on occasion because the items I need to complete are items that can only be done when no one is logged in to the servers.

But I am now done with two of my classes. Only the programming class remains.

Hopefully, that means I can get some sleep soon, and begin to get the energy back into posting a bit more like I had been doing for the past couple of months on all the sites. Right now, though, I'm very tired and burnt out from many things going on all at once.

One thing I did add (for those who read this through an aggregator) was a link splice and sidebar box for Digg. It seemed like a good way to highlight stories written by other examiners or stories which I found funny but didn't have the time or energy to re-post. So, if nothing else, you'll continue to see those fresh stories, even if I don't write very much.
In the meantime, I'll be reading more stories about the Hooker Bar.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not quite a Mastercard commercial

Tickets for Georgia Aquarium through Georgia State: $15.00 apiece.

A shuttle to the aquarium from the parking deck: $0.00.

A taxi back from the aquarium to the student center for games such as "build your own fishtank": $12.00.

A trip to the pet store to get supplies for a real fishtank: $50.00.

Giving the kids some joy and responsibility: Priceless.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: GOP searches for fresh leadership in new Congress

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: GOP searches for fresh leadership in new Congress

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Someone will have vengeance

But now you'll get an extra $109 for it.

It's Payback Time! Think You Can Take Out The Infamous Sir Waffles?

On Thursday's November 20th Bodog blogger tournament, there will be a bounty on the head of the biggest donkey of them all, the notorious Sir Waffles!

Don't miss this opportunity to take revenge on or even up the score with Waffles! If you are the lucky poker blogger to knock out Waffles, you will receive a credit of T$109 to play in Bodog's $100K Guaranteed Tournament occurring each Sunday at 4 PM!

Just what is Bodog's 100K Guaranteed Tournament?
With one of the biggest overlays in the industry, the value of this tournament is literally unbeatable!
Find out more at http://poker.bodoglife.com/tournaments/100k-guaranteed-tournament.html

This blogger tournament series is open to poker bloggers worldwide and runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9:05 PM ET.

More details are available at the official blogger series site at http://www.bodogbloggertournament.com

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to play this tournament at http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/

Good luck and may the most unforgiving poker blogger stack the "worst poker player" ever and pocket T$109!

The Bodog Poker Blogger
Yahoo ID: bodogdirectory

Tune into Buddy Dank Radio for live tournament recaps and updates while you play at buddydankradio.com

Go Time

Let's see if I can survive the donkey killing fields - it looks like there will be almost 7,000 people in this thing.

FTOPS X Event #24: $120 + $9 NLHE w/Knockouts (100 to tourney, 20 for KO). Starting stack is 5,000 with blinds starting at 10/20.

I'm hoping this will be a long day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Atlanta Games Examiner: Guitar Hero: Metallica rumored for 2009 release

Atlanta Games Examiner: Guitar Hero: Metallica rumored for 2009 release

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A visit from Mike Huckabee

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: A visit from Mike Huckabee

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Mike Huckabee is coming to town on Sunday to stump as another big GOP gun tries to save the seat.

Early Presents

I've had my current cellphone number for six years through the same carrier. The phone unit I've had, however, has been beat up terribly through the years.

In addition, we started getting tired of the limited features available, and I wanted a phone with more fun features to use.

I've looked at iPhones and third-party dealers, but the need wasn't too great until last month when Kim's job situation went a bit kaflooie.

Yesterday, we finally fixed the problem, and decided to get a new plan with AT & T (which has the rest of our communication stuff anyway). Since we both needed new phones, we went ahead and got the last two phones they had in stock of the Samsung A767 Propel.
This was the phone as we first got it, six years ago. Smiple, did it's job, but not too sturdy and not a lot of bells and whitsles.

This is the phone we switched to, under the same plan, with several years of heavy wear, lots of tear, dropping, tossing, and chewing by two-legged and four-legged creatures. I'm still learning how to use the camera, so blame me for the meh quality. It lasted a long time, and had the ever-loving shit kicked out of it, but it mostly served us well.

This is now my new phone - with the same number as before.
This is Kim's new phone, with a brand new number.
The geek in me is very happy. I sat down with it last night to work on a deal and was actually able to type a halfway decent message with it the new phone - in my e-mail - and for some bizarre reason I was incredibly pumped.
I think it must have been the keyboard, and not the fact that there's a demo of Guitar Hero III on the phone. Or the fact that it seems really shiny and we like shiny things.

I might test out doing a post from it this weekend, or test out uploading pictures from the aquarium tonight - Georgia State is having a special aquarium night for students, staff, and family with discounted tickets, so we'll get to show the beluga whales the new toys.
Alex, though, is still too young for the phone, even though both of the kids wanted to grab them immediately.

At least it's one thing taken off the must-do list for us.
As for the color - I like green. Shut up.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beauty of a bounty

Come play the BoDonkey tonight.

Bust the lovely lady to the right, Evelyn Ng, and win a $109 bounty.

Evelyn is one of Bodog's resident pros.

She will probably kick your ass if you do try to take her out, so watch out.

Take a shot at 9:05 PM tonight.

WPBT Details

RSVP with this guy.

1) Tourney details:
Private Blogger Tournament
Venetian Poker Room
Saturday, December 13th
$135 ($100 buy-in, $25 juice, $10 toke)

2) From what I read, folks should be around anywhere between Thursday to Monday.

3) The fun part: Some of you might have gotten some hotel offers from Vegas if you have frequent player cards, hotel numbers, or anything else. I've gotten a bunch. I'm listing them here.

  • Luxor starts from $59
  • MGM Grand 149/night, third night free for a luxury suite
  • Mandalay Bay starting from 89
  • Excalibur: $81 weekend, $29 Sun-Thu
  • Bellagio from 169/night with the third night FREE
That's just from this week.

Flights, however, still royally suck, so I'm not sure yet if I'm able to pull it off.

Odds are, I will only be able to entertain the possibility if I cash in FTOPS #24 this weekend, because I am NOT touching any other expenses to do this, that would be too irresponsible even for me.

Atlanta Moronapalooza

Saturday, Nov. 15, meet around 5:30-6:00 PM
Right Wing Tavern
251 E. Main St. Woodstock, GA

Hoping to see a bunch of you fellow morons from Ace's then.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vengeance shall be mine

First, I donk off my chips within ten minutes to the worst break-even poker player ever.

Then, I find out he won the BoDonkey last night after I donked off said chips.

Then, I find out he won the Skillz game last night too.

This reign of waffling terror must be stopped in its tracks.

Travel plans

Next week is Study Abroad week at Georgia State. For 2007-2008, I started looking at a study abroad trip pretty late in the game - almost into March of this year before I began looking at going to China for a two-week study abroad session. It would have been a nice China tours, including one day in Beijing on the day of the Opening Ceremonies - on 8/8/08, it turned out to be bigger than any other China holidays.

I'm making plans to go next week at some point to get more information on what sessions are available. Even though I am planning on finishing in May, I am still eligible to participate in one of the programs, so it's worth a listen, if nothing else.

They will be having Globe-Trekker sessions all week, so I might make time to stop in for one on the same day as the Bill Curry meetup posted earlier. Robinson offers a lot of different trips which might be interesting: South Africa, France/Spain, France/Belgium, Hungary/Czech Republic, Modern Paris, Italy, Greece/Turkey, Buenos Aires/Rio, and Germany/Switzerland.

No trips to anywhere in Asia this time around. No special opportunities like a boat ride on the Yangtze or Rhine cruises. Jobwise, the most relevant would probably be the Rio and Buenos Aires trip given how we are trying to expand in Latin America.

Still, it's an interesting list of trips and some are worth considering, even if it doesn't count for credit any more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GSU Football Welcome

Join the J. Mack Robinson College of Business in welcoming Bill Curry as the College's new Distinguished Executive Fellow on November 20, 2008 at 6 PM.

The Buckhead Club
3344 Peachtree Rd.
26th floor - The Sovereign Building

Georgia State University's new head football coach, Bill Curry, will lead the Panther football team on the field. He also will share his insights on leadership as the College's Distinguished Executive Fellow.

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia gets the big guns for the runoff

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia gets the big guns for the runoff

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The last week has bee a whirlwind for many reasons, not just the election, and as such I haven't posted nearly as much as I would have liked.

  • I started playing a lot more poker again, mostly to take my mind off other things. It's gone well, as you've seen. Tonight is another BoDonkey, with a $109 bounty on Rizen again.
  • I started meeting with a tutor for my programming class. It's OK so far, even though I wish I didn't have to get one. I've never had one before. It feels strange.
  • I clinched at least an A- in my other two classes, so I just need a C in that programming class. I am still hopeful I emerge with a B, but at least I have some breathing room if I do fall flat on my face.
  • I did not get shitfaced drunk Tuesday night while watching the results. Or Wednesday during the Mookie, or Thursday after class was cancelled and playing the Thursday BoDonkey, or Friday when the workweek ended.
  • Saturday was spent almost entirely away from the computer. We all went to Madagascar 2, then did McDonalds to get the obligatory toys. Thanks to a friend, I then went to the Velvet Room as they got a VIP table thanks to Q100. Jermaine Dupri may not recognize it anymore since its in the hinterlands of Spaghetti Junction instead of Midtown Atlanta.
  • After arriving home close to 2:30 AM, and doing a reading in church at 10:45 AM (!!!) came some writing, the Falcons game (woot!) and the Bodog 100K guarantee, which ended with the nice suckout and me yelling in the car for a few minutes. Thankfully, I had to get pie ingredients from the store, as the wife can make a mean apple pie despite what she thinks.
  • The final table of the WSOP Main Event took place. I'm not following it very rabidly this time around. I'll watch the results tonight, but I'm not watching a pirated feed or refreshing every twenty seconds this year.
  • Work has picked up a bit as we're doing more daily tracking/monitoring, which is the sort of stuff that drove me NUTS at the bank. If I weren't getting everything done, I'd probably have a bigger problem with it.
  • First, my home computer crashed on Nov. 3. Now, my DSL modem has crashed, so we've resorted to dial-up until a new modem arrives. Oh, joy. A SmartPhone is looking like a better and better idea every day.
  • We might have a gathering of the moronosphere here in Atlanta sometime soon. If you've written me, you're getting a note this afternoon about meeting up.
  • We know what we are doing now for Christmas, so I'll probably be seeing some of you northern folks very soon.
  • Bill Curry is coming to Georgia State to be our first football coach - there is a meet and greet in Buckhead on Nov. 20 which I'll be attending.

That's about all my brain can regurgitate for now. I think it's been a combination of burnout and over-extension as of late, so I need to do a better job of managing my time. I'm just glad that I don't seem to have fallen back into any sort of deeply depressed state over the past ten days or so.


On my honor, though, I promise not to post any lolcat pictures to fill space.

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Veterans\' Day celebrates armed forces while a new army is proposed

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Veterans' Day celebrates armed forces while a new army is proposed

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Taking a shot downfield

I'm signed up next Sunday in FTOPS #24, but this weekend I also won a decent amount of tourney dollars on BoDog in the two blogger tournaments.

So, I am taking a shot today in Bodog's $100,000 Guaranteed tournament. It normally has an overlay, I'm hoping today is the same as well, and that my luck continues.

Come over and rail - and hopefully, I'll still be around.

Also, hopefully I will be close to done on at least one paper, probably for my Marketing class.

Update: I was so....close. I made it to 148th. I'd been grinding all day, with only two premium hands. I got QQ about 30 minutes in, but I had stepped away for a second and got times out, it was the only hand I had missed. I got A-A in the third hour with a short stack, pushed in after 1 limper, but did not get any calls.

720 people started, 90 paid, so if I made it through four hours, I'd make the money. At least, that was my estimate.

I managed to do a lot of thievery in the third and fourth hour from a short stack. I ran my stack from 875 (the starting stack was 2500) up to about 6600 - still only about 50% of the average stack, but not in too bad shape.

Two hands knocked me out. One of them, I did not even play.

I got K-Q in the BB. A loose player had pushed his short stack in for about 3000 (I had about 5600 at this point). I put him on nothing better than ace-rag, possibly king-rag, and was planning on calling...when the SB pushes over the top. He's been loose, but this might mean I'm up against an ace-rag and a medium pair, and the odds of surviving are not in my favor. I fold the hand, and both players flip up ace-rag. I should have called, because the king AND queen on the flop would have let me triple up.

The very next hand brings Presto to me in the SB. It is folded to the button (who had just come over the top with a raggy ace) who shoves in in what appears to ba a blatant steal. I call, and wait for a minute while the BB times out. Button flips up K-7 offsuit, and I think I'm OK, after a 10-2-4-10 which gives me a diamond draw and leaves the craptacular button with four outs instead of six.

River: 7 of spades.


Bye bye.

At least I can take solace in the fact that I lasted pretty long without picking up barely any premium hands over three and a half hours. I feel a little more confident going into FTOPS now.

That didn't stop me, though, from cursing in the car for about sixty seconds on my way to the store after busting out.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

BoDonkey IV tonight

First off, a summary of my win in the third BoDonkey Tuesday night.

Second, a reminder to go register for the Thursday edition, as I try and defend the title and leaderboard against the rest of you degenerates.

UPDATE: Third, I almost managed to defend it. We had 25 runners tonight, and I finished 2nd - apparently the horseshoe in my ass was working, but not well enough. $mokkee took me down in the heads-up matchup.

Still was a lot of fun. For the week, that's a 1st and 2nd in the BoDonkey and a 7th in the Mookie. Not too shabby, I guess.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia says keep the change

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia says keep the change

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Atlanta Games Examiner: FTOPS X begins this week

Atlanta Games Examiner: FTOPS X begins this week

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One good thing about tonight

In pure frustration, I came home to work and write and do maps and chat and other (hopefully) fun stuff.

Well, I decided to fire up BoDog for the Tuesday Bodonkey. I'd even said earlier that I hadn't been planning on playing in it. I didn't even get to do my weekly pimp post!

Well, at 9:01, I decided to play, again in partial anger from the election results. Also, that I wasn't at the InterContinental in Buckhead.

Good idea, I guess.

Lesson: If I am in a bad mood, stay the fuck away from me at a table.

I also found out I won't have class Thursday night, so I can play Thursday as well.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My map versus the real map - to be updated as states come in.


Still trying to figure out how to go tonight - I will either be home or in Buckhead, but may not be back until central polls close so don't expect any changes in the first hour to the map.

8:20: Home now, chatting here. Not heading out tonight, I couldn't make it work or fold up. Phooey. If you want to flame me, go to the link.

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia turnout

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia turnout

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Sad Day

You know what sucks? Coming home to find that the hinge on your laptop is totally busted and the screen doesn't fold well, now turning it into a completely immobile computer because it won't fit in a briefcase or close properly.

That's fine, if you are at home.

I was not planning on being home tonight. I was planning on being out, with the kids, with coworkers and other campaign folk, and being online/chatting/posting at the same time, during the night.

Let's just say this throws a wrench into my plans.

Hopefully I can get something working tonight - after the last few months, I think I'd have some serious withdrawal if I didn't have a working computer with me.


Curse you, Gateway.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Bankrupt coal

Nice - clean coal, traditional coal, doesn't matter, we want to tax the ever-loving **** out of it.

Perfect for those voters in PA, OH, WV, VA, CO, and the midwest. Even if you bitter and clingy.

GOTV in action

On Saturday morning, I headed to Fulton County Republican Party headquarters to work their phone bank for a few hours.

While there, I did get to talk to a lot of people, all within Georgia. I decided to do that in order to feel more comfortable with making phone calls to other regions outside of the office, courtesy of the campaign phone bank.

On a bright note, I did get to spend a few minutes speaking with Rep. Tom Price (GA-6). We talked for a little while about the campaign as well as his fight, along with other House Republicans, to keep speaking despite the House being shut down and lights turned off by Nancy Pelosi. They continued to speak on drilling and gas prices, which soon shot to record highs, and action that should be taken in order to avoid reaching those highs. Soon, a couple dozen other House Republicans joined in the effort.

Here's what he had to say about this week:

"It's important that we keep fighting this current leadership. It's important that they know we will not tolerate these antics. It's important that we show them on Tuesday that we will not be ignored and that we will never stop fighting."

I didn't have my camera, so I don't have any pictures.

Phone banking is still the best way right now unless you have an audience of a few hundred thousand. To do some phone banking for any location, click here. The McCain campaign is now ahead in Missouri and within the margin of error in enough states to pull out a win - unthinkable two weeks ago - so go finish the drill.


This was the only part of Saturday Night Live I watched Saturday, as I was bringing laundry upstairs.

Funny as hell, though.


Hey, after a long day, it was funny.

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia Congressional races heat up while winding down (Part 2)

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia Congressional races heat up while winding down (Part 2)

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Open Letter from the Knights

This message was released over the weekend from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus.

Though it's not said in the letter, I will say it; let's recall that Sen. Obama's first act, if elected, would be to sign this FOCA travesty. His words, not mine.

Remember that tomorrow.


Letter from Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

It is probably fair to say that no other single activity has defined the Knights of Columbus over the past half century as much as the pro-life movement.

Following the shock of the Supreme Court's decision to preempt all state and federal laws regulating abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973, we launched a long-term battle to fight legalized abortion. While achieving the ultimate goal of overturning Roe remains somewhere in the future, we have been able to achieve many small successes along the way:

· the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funding for abortions;
· the federal law banning partial birth abortions, which was finally upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2007;
· the "Mexico City Policy," which has barred the use of federal taxpayers' money to pay for abortions in other countries;
· laws in 44 states that preserve a parental role when children under 18 seek abortions;· laws in 40 states that restrict late-term abortions;
· laws in 46 states that protect the right of conscience for individual health care providers;
· laws in 27 states that protect the right of conscience for institutions;
· laws in 38 states that ban partial birth abortions;
· laws in 33 states that require counseling before having an abortion;
· and laws in 16 states that provide for ultrasounds before an abortion.

All of these restrictions on abortion - all of the progress we've made over the past 35 years in trying to limit and reduce abortions in the United States - would be invalidated with the stroke of a pen if the next Congress passes, and the next president signs, the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA).

Before you cast your vote on Tuesday, please take the time and effort necessary to learn whether candidates for whom you might vote favor or oppose FOCA.

The House sponsors of FOCA are listed here.

The Senate sponsors of FOCA are listed here.

Obviously, if a candidate in your area is not listed among the sponsors, you may have to ask his or her campaign for their position on FOCA.

We have gathered much additional information about the Freedom of Choice Act, including links to material from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and on life issues generally on a special Knights of Columbus web page.

Remember, all that we've done together since Roe to save the lives of the unborn is at stake.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Done Again

Me likey these FTOPS satellites.

Now, I used some of the $T from the other win to play in this. So, I now have a $t of 149.

Oh look, that's enough to cover the event I REALLY wanted to play.

And it doesn't even start for another four days. Let's see if I can win any other seats.


Very cute costume

This video is not as cute as our two little munchkins, but still extremely cute.

H/t Demure Thoughts

Here we are, setting out on our holy quest for candy - Kim is not in costume yet, but she went as a witch. I am already in costume - which is not even close to the silliest costume I've ever worn.

I guess fake armor is somewhat slimming. Photo was taken by a neighbor, Tom Kells, who has a small business - Kells Photography.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia Congressional races heat up while winding down (Part 1)

Georgia Congressional Oversight Examiner: Georgia Congressional races heat up while winding down (Part 1)

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kickass video

Originally posted on Black and Right with H/T Instapundit,

Be back later - time for kiddie trick-or-treating.


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

About that FTOPS

Know how I was thinking of trying to satellite into a FTOPS event? Like, about 90 minutes ago?

Mission accomplished...

unless I unregister and take the $T.

It's the $100 rebuy event - and I don't have a roll like that, so I might take the $T after all. It's on a Saturday at 4 PM, so I'm not entirely sure about it yet. I kinda like weekends and family time - and it might be difficult to do family stuff while chained to a computer.

At least I can knock one goal off my list for the year, of playing in one of these, if I do it.

UPDATE: Awfuckit, I unregistered. I'll use it to play a bunch more satellites and build the $T balance up, maybe to play in one of the other events.


Really - the three strong bets are a hint to go away, because the way I'm playing this, there are only four hands I could have.



Full Tilt Poker Game #8739911888: Table Deerfoot - $0.50/$1 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:05:00 ET - 2008/10/31
Seat 1: dibidends226 ($28.30)
Seat 2: MarqDW ($100)
Seat 3: GIVINcashAWAY ($142.05)
Seat 4: Rivma ($38.05)
Seat 5: Unluckytwo ($39)
Seat 6: Parasurama ($184.80)
Seat 7: APOSEC72 ($47.05)
Seat 8: ZManChoo ($82.55)
Seat 9: niczek ($127.85)

Unluckytwo posts the small blind of $0.50
Parasurama posts the big blind of $1
niczek posts a dead small blind of $0.50
niczek posts $1
MarqDW posts $1
The button is in seat #4

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Qs Qd]
APOSEC72 raises to $6 (UTG, 5x...maybe I'm stealing, maybe I'm not)
ZManChoo folds
niczek has 15 seconds left to act
niczek calls $5 (OK, defend the blind for now.)
dibidends226 folds
MarqDW folds
GIVINcashAWAY folds
Rivma folds
Unluckytwo folds
Parasurama folds

*** FLOP *** [7s Ts 4h]
APOSEC72 bets $10 (I feel good and you should fold, I know you haven't got much)
niczek calls $10 (Sigh)

*** TURN *** [7s Ts 4h] [2d]
APOSEC72 bets $31.05, and is all in (YOU SHOULD FOLD NOW.)
niczek calls $31.05 (Silly rabbit)
APOSEC72 shows [Qs Qd]
niczek shows [As 3s] Flush--chasing donkey strikes)

*** RIVER *** [7s Ts 4h 2d] [Qc] (OK, that's a bit much.)
APOSEC72 shows three of a kind, Queens
niczek shows Ace Queen high
APOSEC72 wins the pot ($94.10) with three of a kind, Queens

Strangely, he folded to me every...single...time I was in a hand for the rest of the session.

I might keep doing this for a while, it's three sessions in a row that I've bought in super-short and finished up significantly.

Perhaps I should consider playing in FTOPS after all.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

GOTV for the ticked-off Left

Yesterday, I posted a thread about GOTV this weekend which was hosted at Ace's.

Now, I'll do one from the left side of the sphere, but with the same intent.

A large group of 70 HillBuzz people (Hillary Clinton primary supporters) is heading to Ohio to stump for McCain/Palin. Normally, I wouldn't have much to do with Hillary supporters, and vice versa, but over the last couple of months we've realized on both sides that we can come together for the big battles.

Like this one.

Go to their page, view the thread, and sign up to go or to donate.

Yes, I just posted a link for you to donate to Clinton supporters.

No, there are not any pigs flying around outside.

We're together on a big battle - we'll fight the smaller battles later, which I think both sides might agree with.

Go check it out. It's now almost tied in those battleground states, or has flipped slightly red - every bit makes a difference.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get Out the Vote

Match-up thread for GOTV efforts at Ace of Spades. Most of you - be it poker folk, NY folk, Emory folk, or other folk - are reasonable close to a swing state or in a swing state - FL, PA, OH, NV, even VA - so go over there to get linked up or offer to help.
There might be something more now, but this is a start. Grassroots, baby.

Time to go viral. Pennsylvania is tied. Florida is a two-point race. Nevada is trending redder. It is a three-point race nationally. Virginia and Ohio are still close enough to fight.
I can't travel, but I will be at the Cherokee GOP headquarters Saturday manning the phone banks, both for Georgia and other states.
Go. Do your part as well.

More video (skeletons) from the past (closet)

Just a fella from the neighborhood.

Your chance in a poll, right now

Who is getting your vote for President on Nov. 4?
Barack Obama
John McCain
Bob Barr
Cynthia McKinney
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If the poll doesn't come through in a reader, then click through to answer and view results.

Taxman in the Casino

H/t to That's Me on the Left, one of the PUMA sites I've added to my reader list upon seeing they also posted about the Sarah Palin mannequin in a noose story - I linked it on Facebook, but didn't publish it here, so go there to read about it.

I'm also including a link to Democrats for Principle Before Party, with a link I haven't written about but one which they have an interesting take.

This is a long video, but you do not need any sound for it.

December WPBT

I anyone is looking for a way to head to the blogger gathering in December, you could try the Monte Carlo - rates start at $59 plus a bunch of free stuff, and it's slightly better than a sleazy dive off the Strip.

The rate is valid from Dec. 4 through Dec. 13.

The Winter WPBT is Dec. 12 through Dec. 14.

For a story as to why cowboys and poker make for good times, click here.

I'm sure there are others, but they haven't sent me anything, and the Monte Carlo did.

My classes end Dec. 11.

Offer details below:

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
Because ropin and ridin aren't the only forms of R&R.

No matter what your plans are for NFR December 4-13,Monte Carlo puts you at the center of it all. Discover great fun at Diablo's Cantina and great food at BRAND Steakhouse plus live feeds of all the NFR action.

Book now and receive:

  • Two complimentary buffets
  • Two house margaritas at Diablo's
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Fly, drive or ride. Just get here for NFR. For more information,visit http://click.mgg01.net/t/5403362/163250848/12333147/0/ or call 888.448.8958 and mention the Cowboy offer.

Spreadsheets take a lot of time

No, this is not the work of me trying to break Microsoft Excel last week. But damn, I wish I had the idea.

BoDonkey - Register NOW

7 minutes to go. Register now on BoDog and play.

Go. Now.

LIVEBLOG TIME?: We're starting with 43 tonight, at my table...ICrushBloggers, MiamiDon, Drizzdtj, StB, and Rizen three to my right. Not sure who Chesscake, Siloc, and Pikito are, but, um, hi.

30 minutes in, and we have lost one player, Roland_Deschain. Haven't seen that name before, but again, hi. And bye, I guess. Did not catch the hand because BoDog doesn't let me have 5 open tables at once.

Break #1, 10:05: We have 37 left. We'll pick up a bit after we hit four tables. Gone so far: Roland_Deschain, Riggs, vegaskarl, Jordon, Siloc, and SnappyLC. StB is the chip leader at this statistically insignificant stage.

I sit with 1815, down from the starting 2500, because I am channeling my inner donkey at the moment.

If I don't have your link above, leave it in the comments.

10:13: I channel my inner donkey and double up against ICrushBloggers while screwing around and turning a straight.

10:14: Down to 36 - Sed the Icon goes down and Goat Rodeo follows almost immediately.

10:13: Mofo69 in 35th, Drizzdtj 34th, Chesscake in 33rd.

10:20: Hi BuddyDank.

10:24: Donkette's out in 32nd after running A-3 into A-A of 23Skidoo.

10:27: A-J v. 10-10, and the board spits out 7-5-4-6-3 for a chop. MiamiDon, owner of the A-J: "is this FTP?

10:30: CarnePicante out in 31st.

10:31: Dank doubles off IHoyBloggers and is thoroughly amused. Amused enough to RickRoll. Bastard.

10:33: OW. ICrushBloggers flops a set of sevens and all of Miami Don's chips are in with an OESD. Don turns the straight...and Hoy rivers a boat. GG Don, out in 30th. Ouch.

10:38: I take a medium pot from Rizen. He's down to 2000, I'm over 4000. Folks, if you want that bounty, you better go for it now.

10:39: Emptyman out in 29th, and Rizen doubles up of StB with pocket Kings against A-Q.

10:46: cbags is out - I'm not sure what, because the table disappeared too fast. We're at 3 tables now. Dank is still stuck to Rizen's right at my table and is complaining vociferously in between shots (I hope)

10:49: Hammer versus cowboys no good, and ICrushBloggers is OUT in 27th. WilWonka just rocketed up to 15K in chips.

10:55: RecessRampage's A-9 falls to A-K, out in 26th. WilWonka is dominating my table with his 16,000 chips - let's break, please? He takes out Pikito for 25th.

11:04: I'm a donk by losing 2/3 of my stack with A-Q v. A-A. Nh, yestbay1.

11:05: Double back up with K-10, then push on next hand. From 992 to 2734. Not dead yet. Lightning36, though, is dead and out in 24th. So is TonySoprano (23), TRexRoar (22), and StB (21).

11:09: MemphisMojo out in 20th after pushing a short stack. BuddyDank out in 19th after pushing K-10 to wilwonka's A-4. Down to 2 tables.

11:10: On the lst hand before the break, wilwonka gets another knockout, this of MondoGarage.

So, we are at 17. Here are the counts:

wilwonka:28066.50 (Obscene lead right now)
Columbo777: 12068
sTONe10: 11617.50
23skidoo: 8602
PokahDave: 8371
smokkee: 5880
CEMfromMD: 5085
yestbay1: 4585
Newinov: 3965
raisydaisy22: 3345
BrainMc: 2697.50
APOSEC72: 2484
Rizen: 2406
AskDrL: 2355
Bayne_S: 2235
pokerpeaker: 1597.50

11:17: BrainMc falls victim to Presto in 16th.

11:20: Rizen doubles up thru Raisy Daisy with JackAce against Q-3. No bounty for you.

11:22: Wislim is out in 16th. I'm pretty short right now and completely card-dead.

11:23: RaisyDaisy gets the bounty with Presto! Nice job LJ. Rizen out in 15th.

11:30: wilwonka is over 30,000. The next closest is 11,000.

11:31: Bayne is out in 14th, and Pokerpeaker's K-10 goes down to K-J - 10 on flop, but J on river, out in 13th. I think we are now in the points.

11:33: My Q-2 is good enough as a micro stack, now I'm just a short stack.

11:37: smokkee is out in 12th after A-5 falls to 6-6 on a K-Q-J-Q-2 board. Newinov is up to 14K.

11:39: My Q-J suited falls to rockets. I'm out in 11th. We are at the final table bubble.

11:41: wilwoknka takes out PokahDave with AK v. AQ and we have a final table.

wilwonka: 36981.50
Newinov: 13935
23skidoo :11849.50
raisydaisy22: 11072
columbo777: 9718
sTONe10: 8384
AskDrL: 8955
CEMfromMD: 4680
yestbay1: 1926
We are also at the first money bubble. 6-8 get their buyin back. 9th gets nothing but points.

11:43: yestbay is out in 9th. Next three out get their buy-in back.

11:46: wilwonka continues to scare everyone, he is over 40,000 chips.

11:53: CEMfromMD sucks out with a J-8 vs. skidoo's 8-8 when he makes a flush on the river. He is still the short stack with about 4500 chips.

11:54: Almost allin preflop. Skidoo's A-K doubles up thru RaisyDaisy's 8-7. Both of them now have about 13K in chips.

11:55: RaisyDaisy takes some chips from wilwonka with a preflop push. Wilwonka is now around 36K in chips - still way ahead, but slightly tighter after RaisyDaisy does it again against sTONe10 and goes over 20K.

11:58: CEMfromMD: QQ, sTONe10: 10-10, all-in preflop. Queens hold up, sTONe10 is crippled and out in 8th on the next hand with 10-3 v. Kings.

12:03: Skidoo folds to a raise from wilwonka, is under 10K while wilwonka is back over 42K.

12:04: LJ raises, columbo pushes, LJ folds. Columbo 13K, LJ 19K. Approaching the 3rd break, wil the bigger money bubble break before the next break?

12:06: The table needs Viagra as four limpers see the rainbow flop of K-2-6. Newinov bets and everyone scurries away.

12:08: AskDrL picks up A-6 with a micro stack and doubles up to 8400 thru LJ (14K).

12:14: Skidoo cripples Newinov with pocket rockets against J-9, top pair on the flop. Knocked out by wilwonka and finishes 7th.

12:16: LJ is all in with 2-2 v. wilwonka's A-J preflop, and the ace on the river knocks her out in 6th. We're at the break and here are the counts:

wilwonka: 68,076
23skidoo: 13,728
Columbo777: 13,343
CEMfromMD: 7,245
AskDrL: 5,108

12:23: We're up to 500/1000/100, so this may not go much longer.

12:24: CEMfromMD has Aces, AskDrL has 4's, and wilwonka has 9's. Aces win. AskDrL is 5th. wilwonka has 63K and the other 3 stacks are all around 15K.

12:25: Skidoo pushes A-9 and it holds up against wilwonka's A-5. Skidoo moves to 30K, wilwonka down to 48K.

12:26: Skidoo takes another medium pot, up to 35K.

12:28: CEMfromMD's 10's hold up against wilwonka's A-Q. wilwonka is down to 35K and CEMfromMD is up to 24K. Folks, we got a match again.

12:29: NEW CHIPLEADER: Skidoo moves over 40K.

12:30: Skidoo takes out Columbo in 4th with AA v. AQ. Down to 3, Skidoo 54K, wilwonka 27K, CEMfromMD 23K.

12:31: CEMfromMD gets royally sucked out when the A-J falls to J-3 with two threes on the flop. Out in 3rd, we are heads-up; Skidoo 78K, wilwonka 26K.

12:33: Skidoo tries to close it out with the hammer, and almost gets there with a 2 on the flop until wilwonka's A-5 finds a 5. Skidoo 53K, Wilwonka 54K.

12:34: wilwonka 58K, Skidoo 48K.

12:36: wilwonka 63K, Skidoo 45K.

12:37: Slow-building pot, 10-10-a-8-k board with 4 diamonds, river bet wins it for Skidoo. Skidoo 60K, wilwonka 47K.

12:40: 3-7-8-2 rainbow board, decent-sized pot taken down by Skidoo, who is up to 78K.

12:41: Skidoo wins with K-10 v. 9-7, is up 89K to 18K.

12:42: It's over - Skidoo's A-10, holds up against A-4, and wilwonka finishes 2nd as Skidoo makes an impressive comeback to take down the first BoDonkey, first place money, the casino credit, and five kilos of blow.

Nicely done, and see you at the next edition of the Bodog Blogger Tournament!